Horse bedding

BIOCOCO Coco peat is a soft and accommodating material that is also the ideal choice for animal-friendly bedding. Because of its ability to absorb moisture and provide a comfortable, cushioned bed, it is an excellent choice for use as bedding in animal barns and as a floor layer. It is simple to lay down and take away, and it does not hold dust particles. BIOCOCO Coco Peat contributes to maintaining the highest levels of comfort and health in your pets. BIOCOCO Coco Peat eliminates unpleasant odours in addition to preventing the reproduction of flies and midge flies.

When you use BIOCOCO bedding you will gain the optimum return on your investment coupled with enhanced health and wellbeing of your horses…3 x 20kg bales of BIOCOCO will adequately sustain a stall for ten weeks and longer without removal as compared with all other generally being removed weekly.

  • BIOCOCO cocopeat will absorb in excess of five times its weight in liquids while drying rapidly. The fibres in the coir bedding last considerably longer than other traditional stall bedding. The colour change in the bedding at the urine location makes the soiled area removal easily identifiable and means minimal waste of the bedding and reduced costs.
    Biococo effectively eliminates odour and, negates infestation of flies mites, mosquitoes and pests
  • Removing of the used BIOCOCO coco peat and mixing with the horses manure will create a first class soil medium for use on land as a fertilizer or alternatively for compost as a growing medium for fruits and vegetables
  • As a result of its resistance to bacterial and fungal growth, it protects horses from contracting diseases that are typically brought on by unsafe bedding.
  • BIOCOCO acts as an odour absorber inside the Horse Stable.
  • BIOCOCO is more effective at brushing off the horses.
  • The BIOCOCO is compressed at a ratio of 2:1 during the packing process, after which it is formed into a cube with a weight of 20 kilogrammes and wrapped in a white polythene cover. This makes the stocking of BIOCOCO bales much easier and more convenient.
  • Due to the low compression ratio, the user is able to manually decompress the bales. Because of its low weight, which is only 20 kilogrammes, a single person may manually do the job.
  • Because BIOCOCO coco peat contains both fibre and particles, it does not enable dust to be generated within the stables where it is used.

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