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With a range of products catering to many needs

Coir Briquette


BIOCOCO works wonderfully as a floor layer or bedding for all animal stalls and farms.


Biococo Coir Products

Sri Lankan coir products
100% natural and extremely eco-friendly.


G A R D E N I N G  A N D  P L A N T I N G  S O L U T I O N S

We are an ethically driven company with our primary focus to produce premium quality Sri Lankan products, introducing to international markets which are used across multiple industries.
BIOCOCO Life provides a range of 100% natural gardening and planting solutions catering to multiple mediums

Made for Cultivation

With a range of products catering to many needs, we produce 500g, 650g & 5kg Blocks, Grow Bags, Coir Pots and Coir Twine made with the highest quality of coir peat and husk chips from Sri Lanka which will result in a successful yield from your cultivation.

High Yield

High yield is made with 100% coco peat which significantly accelerates plant growth


50/50 has 50% of coco peat and 50% husk chips providing you with amazing bedding for the plants. With a balanced ration of air and water, these grow bags are amazing for many cultivation needs

Husk Chips

Husk Chips are 100% husk chips, enabling you to keep the material wet because of the water-absorbent quality of husk chips and to give the plant a lot of room to breathe. This is also ideal for orchid cultivation and other cut flower cultivations

Our Products

Coir Pots

Coir Twine

Coir Pads

Coco Disc

Horse bedding

Mushroom medium

Grow Bags

Vegetable medium

Geo Textile

Seeding Trays

BIOCOCO Advantages

  • As they swells to 10 times their volume when they absorb water You can obtain 8 litres from one 600g briquette (very economical)
  • They do not compact and acidity does not increase over time
  • They assist in beneficial seed germination
  • They ensure high water retention and enhance porosity
  • They are an excellent natural medium for soil conditioning for various purposes in organic cultivation and household consumption.
  • They can be used for potting in small growing containers
  • Ideal for selling in supermarkets, garden centres, home centres and retail outlets

UK - Ireland

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